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    The Waldwick Public School district is committed to providing a comprehensive education for all students and I invite you to learn more about us by browsing through our website.


    While striving for academic excellence in all of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content areas and the National Common Core Curricular, the district is also dedicated to the education of the whole student by promoting character education and good citizenship while also providing many co-curricular activities to meet student’s needs and interests.


    The Waldwick School District continues to engage in reflective practice to assess progress on existing initiatives and to anticipate future programs and innovations to ensure that an excellent educational program is provided for every student.  I am proud of our students and faculty for their many accomplishments.


    Dr. Paul D. Casarico

    Superintendent of Schools


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Budget 2nd Question FAQs

  • Budget Second Question for Turf Replacement

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a second question?

    A second budget question is when an addition question is put on the ballot where the district proposes specific spending that would exceed the 2 percent tax cap.  Voters are asked to vote specifically on this one question.  Approval of these additional taxes will not result in a permanent increase in the district’s tax levy, rather, this is a one-time amount of money that is used for a particular project or program that must be spent during the current school year.


    Why is the district proposing a second question?

    Over the past several years, the board has identified capital improvement projects at each building that have a direct impact on classroom instruction.  While the turf is used by the district’s athletic teams, a large percentage of the usage is from the local recreation athletic teams.  Through a second question, funding will be provided for a project that has equal importance for the schools as well as the vibrancy of the local recreation teams.  Passing of this second question will maintain the board’s ability to address educational projects that are directly related to the classroom, while also providing a new and improved playing area for the town and citizens of Waldwick.


    Why do we need to undertake this project?

    The turf was original installed in 2005 with a warrantee of 8 years.  Currently, we are beginning our 12th year on the original surface.  Like a roof or boiler, although maintained and repaired when needed, there is a limited useful life for field turf before it needs to be replaced.  From an audit performed by the manufacturer, the report indicated that the current turf has at best two (2) more years of playability under the current amount of usage.  

    When will the vote on the Second Question take place?

    The Second Question vote is on November 8, 2016, the same day as the general election vote.


    How much is the cost of the proposed Second Question?

    The total cost of the project is $462,225


    How much will it cost me?

    This will result in a one-time cost of $123 for a house appraised at $416,000.


    I don’t have children in the schools.  How does this benefit me?

    The condition and quality of schools and recreational fields has a direct effect on property values. This proposed project will enable the Waldwick School District and Borough the ability to maintain its attractability and excellent reputation.    

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